Regina McMichael

Regina McMichael, CSP, CIT is President of The Learning Factory, Inc., the safety passion-driven education and training company. She has over 30 years of experience in safety and health education, training, communication and leadership. Regina teaches around the world and mentors safety professionals to achieve their dream of becoming the most awesome trainer who use their ninja skills like a master to become the ultimate passion-driven professional!

Regina is also the founder of Peace, Love Safety, the leadership and training catalyst supporting organizations while elevating their SH&E programs from compliance-driven checklists to human and humanity- based solutions. Her diverse background has allowed her to provide hands-on expertise in the research, writing and production of training manuals, videos and articles.  

Regina has worked in the construction, insurance, aerospace, automotive and service industries.  She loves traveling the world delivering her safety and leadership messages to all types of organizations.

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