As the only training program built and endorsed by BCSP, examCORE is the premier pre-examination training material for the ANSI-accredited BCSP certifications. BCSP’s examCORE program provides a viable and cost-effective alternative to other trainings, granting greater flexibility and more pre-exam preparation opportunities for global practitioners. Each course contains modules on 40 safety and health topics, challenge questions, as well as a pre- and post-test to ensure knowledge is effectively communicated.

Associate Safety Professional

The ASP is a mid-level certification that fulfills the credential requirement leading to the CSP. An ASP may hold positions at the technical level or program management level and may directly supervise employees.

Certified Safety Professional

The CSP is considered the “gold-standard” of safety and health credentials. Safety at this level is virtually in every industry including petroleum exploration, production and refining, manufacturing, construction, healthcare, and insurance. A CSP’s professional time is spent on safety management systems, occupational health and ergonomics, emergency response and preparedness, fire prevention and protection, environmental management, and security responsibilities.

Associate Safety Professional + Certified Safety Professional = examCORE Connect

ASP/CSP examCORE Connect combines the examCORE ASP and CSP into one convenient and cost-effective program. Prepare the right way for both the ASP and CSP exams.

Construction Health and Safety Technician

The CHST is a safety certification for individuals who work in the construction craft, or are construction safety specialists. Many construction safety professionals use the CHST as a stepping-stone to greater roles in safety and health and, in some cases, to the Certified Safety Professional (CSP) certification.

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