Q: Do I need any other resources to be successful on the exam?

A: We find many learners also benefit from the exam-specific resources found on the BCSP certification web pages (CSP Blueprint References, SMS Blueprint References, ASP Blueprint References, OHST Blueprint References, CHST Blueprint References, STS Blueprint References, STSC Blueprint References, CIT Blueprint References).

Q: On what devices and browsers does examCORE best perform?

A: At this time, examCORE is designed for use on laptop and desktop computers.

BCSP examCORE is best suited for the following internet browsers: Google Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox. You may experience compatibility issues if you use examCORE with other internet browsers.

Q: What type of payment is accepted for examCORE?

A: Payments are made through your personal PayPal account or as a guest paying via any major credit card. If you work for a government agency and cannot make payments through PayPal, use the second option during the payment process to pay via debit/credit card.

Any technical issues you may encounter are best answered by PayPal.

Fees are non-transferable and non-refundable.

Q: How do I log into my examCORE account?

A: Once you have purchased an examCORE product, you can access your account by going to examcore.org and selecting “login” at the top right corner. The email and password that you created while signing up will be the information used to access your examCORE Training.
If you have issues logging in, you may have accidentally entered incorrect information, in which case a Customer Service Representative is available to assist you.

Q: After I study, what are the next steps to BCSP certification?

A: We find that learners are more successful when they have an exam date scheduled in advance of completing their study program. We recommend applying now for the certification, and if approved to sit for the exam, schedule the exam date to correspond with the last month or two of examCORE access. This method will give you the best chance at passing (more people pass the exam when the information is recent) and gives you the opportunity to extend examCORE access, if necessary.

Q: How long do I have access to the online training?

A: You will have six months (nine months with ASP + CSP Connect) of access to examCORE at purchase, which includes all videos, 500 to 1,000 practice questions (depending on the product), exercises, and more. Your days remaining can be located at the top right of your dashboard under “Days Left.” If you need more time, one (1) three-month extension is available for purchase (only available before the access period expires). Certificates of completion are always available by logging into the examCORE user profile.

Upon a participant successfully passing their BCSP examination, access to related examCORE courses will be terminated. The participant’s profile will still be available to view.

Q: Can I extend my examCORE access time?

A: Yes, one (1) three-month extension is available anytime during the examCORE access period. After access expires, extensions are no longer available. You can purchase an extension through your examCORE dashboard under “Days Left.” Be sure to extend before your access expires!

Q: What is the examCORE Training Guarantee?

A: If an examCORE customer does not successfully complete their respective BCSP certification exam, a one-time, six-month access period to examCORE is offered at no additional charge.*

*An examCORE participant, to include examCORE Connect, must achieve a certificate of completion (i.e., finish all course modules and challenge questions, complete the pre-test, and achieve an 80% or higher on the post-test) in order to qualify for the one-time examCORE access period of up to six months at no charge. These six months of access begin at the end of the access period. To request the guarantee, upload your unsuccessful/failed exam result to your examCORE user profile. Upon verification, you will be granted an additional examCORE access of up to six months. A participant must submit their failed exam result and guarantee request within three months of the end of examCORE access (either the original time period or a purchased extension) to qualify for the examCORE guarantee.

The examCORE Training Guarantee does not apply to examCORE for recertification points.

Q: Is this training reimbursed for military and veterans?

A: Active-duty military may apply to their service-specific COOL (Credentialing Opportunities On-Line) program for credentialing and certifications. For more on reimbursements for military veterans, see the BCSP Military and Veteran Benefits page.

Q: How do I use examCORE for BCSP recertification points?

A: You must be a current BCSP certification holder to qualify for recertification points. Upon initial login to the examCORE course, you will select that you are taking it for recertification points. Upon completion of the course (to include completing the pre-test, watching all video modules, taking all challenge questions, and passing the post-test with an 80% or higher (multiple attempts allowed)), you will earn two (2) or four (4) recertification points (depending on the product) and a certificate of completion. Access to examCORE content will cease once you have successfully completed these tasks or the six-month period ends, whichever comes first.

The examCORE Training Guarantee does not apply to examCORE for recertification points.

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